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Weapon XP Mod for Minecraft 1.8

As fans of Minecraft, it has been strange with weapons’ level increased together with players’ character. This is also done really well by the Weapon XP mod, which you may make you want to use more usual with stronger weapons. However, these weapons cannot avoid the wear and tear which commonly happens while players use them to slash monsters and kill off livestock to take food. Even players must work so hard to remain the high level of powerful weapons by repairs instead of throwing them away and replacing them by new swords as the need. Actually, they are very useful and good weapons which the weapon XP mod designed.

Weapon XP Mod

In the Weapon XP mod, swords will need the same experience in total to gain their certain levels as humans provided similar XP bars, and to level them up, it’s not too hard to find the best way. Every mob spawner would give players a steady stream baddies in order to beat up, so you will have a stream of unique experience for your starving blade. When weapons get stronger, they will take several potion effects last forever such as power or night vision, which make them absolutely more powerful than they are often be. Moreover, there are a variety of weapons in different types of versions like common, rare, uncommon and epic ones here.

Together with permanent useful effects, weapons would begin to add a number of harmful negative effects to mobs and monsters. You will hit them with these weapons by poisoning monsters and drain their HP, or by the Wither status and just stay away from its position to keep certain distance and wait until they die. In addition to a nausea effect, players can starve others. And, it makes PVP much cooler and more interesting. The weapon XP mod is obviously not just for single players, so let’s enjoy these weapons in the mod with your friends.

Weapon XP Mod for Minecraft 1.8 Changelogs

  • Added support for bows.

Download Links for Weapon XP Mod

                   Weapon XP v0.2.jar

Credit: MrIbby – Original Thread on Curse