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Toxic World mod for Minecraft 1.7.10

Toxic World may easily make the players imagine a map in Minecraft world. However, its name is about a mod for Minecraft 1.7.10. Perhaps, the game can happen in a place where players can be infected by poison or any chemical hazards. This mod sounds really dangerous, right? In fact, the Hardcore gameplay mode of Minecraft here will be much more difficult as the Toxic World mod is mainly designed for this aim. In the mod, a new rain is added to Minecraft world. In particular, the rain is obviously poisonous. Players will be affected by the potion poison in case you’re caught out in this rain. The longer you have been in the rain, the stronger the poison has become. Toxic World mod

Of course, the sources of poison in the toxic world are rather than only from the sky, several biomes are toxified too. Thus, some players will get a face of very much poison gas when you meet them. Certainly, you will want to stay away a targeted block as long as you can avoid the situation that you may get poisoned. This can happen when you’re breaking dirt and wood blocks in affected biomes. Furthermore, no matter what the body of water which you see is in these biomes, as long as you take a dip in there, you will definitely be poisoned. In this case, no enchantments can help you. Be careful! Because this poison won’t kill you, but it makes your health weaker enough for the other mobs quickly finishing you off.

Toxic World mod

The toxic world mod will make Hardcore mod much harder for the player since it’s possible to come back in case you died. The poison is going to be nonstop ticking on and increasing your heath progressively, even though you use the toughest armor which has the biggest power of enchantments in the Toxic World mod. If you have no enchantments to prevent the affect of poison, let’s put the custom Uncorrodible enchantment on your total armor, at least it will make you less likely poisoned. Right now, let’s follow the instructions below to install the Toxic World mod.

Toxic World mod Showcase (not in English)

Toxic World mod for Minecraft 1.7.10 Changelogs

  • Fixed: Possible Memory leak with to many players on a Server
  • Added: Hardness + Custom Rain mode.
  • Improved: some things that get calculated.
  • Added: SpmodAPI Data Storage.

Download Links for Toxic World mod

                   Toxic World Version 1.1.0.jar

Credit: Speiger – Original Thread on Curse