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Restaurant Bukkit Plugin for Minecraft 1.8.1/1.8

Don’t you wish to possess a restaurant on the world of Minecraft? Naturally the majority of you do, this could be due to the fact the majority of you are too lazy of farming for the materials as food right? With this plugin installed for your Minecraft server, you just visit there and get some thing to eat, quite easy huh? So, what are you currently waiting for, let’s get began with this great Restaurant Bukkit Plugin 1.8


Restaurant Bukkit Plugin is a really cool plugin that made by ‘MuffinNetwork’. This awesome thing will help to allow you to create your own restaurants anywhere that you want to. That is the place where people or the players can sit down, relax, order or purchase food and have it. Wait, it is restaurant right? So there must be waiters, and here you are the villager waiters lol which will help you serve you the food that you order. With this plugin installed to your server, you will no more have to create some hall room that player can get their food by just tapping the button to split out the food, you just put this restaurant instead which will make it much MUCH better and more interesting than usual. Because as you can see that most servers are doing like that. So, this plugin is the another way to make your server become much more attractive and interesting. As it is the plugin, so here are some commands that you will have to use once you are playing with it, /Restaurant/ which will help to display all restaurant commands. /Restaurant takeout Menu/ this will help to give players a takeout menu which can be configured in the config file. The last one is /Restaurant table / this is to set the takeout table that the food is delivered to.

If you find this Restaurant Bukkit Plugin interesting, attractive, and useful. So, please give it a go, you will no more have to hunt and farm yourself a food anymore. Because there is another way for you to get the food and eat it, be sure to check this awesome plugin out!

Because the Restaurant plugin is still in development, some changes may or may not be made before it is finished. As things are now, it works with Minecraft 1.8.1, which is the latest version of the game.

Restaurant Bukkit Plugin Main Features

  • A restaurant that you can create anywhere that you want which is where people or players can sit back, order food

Restaurant Bukkit Plugin Pros and Cons


  • With this plugin installed to your server, you will have the another way to serve food to players which is new and interesting


  • This plugin might not be that necessary, if you are those who want to simply things

Restaurant Plugin for Minecraft 1.8.1 Commands

  • /Restaurant
  • /Restaurant takeout Menu
  • /Restaurant table <set/unset>

How to install Restaurant Bukkit Plugin

  1. Download Restaurant Bukkit Plugin of your choice (I mean the version)
  2. Place the .jar and any other files in your plugins directory
  3. Run the server and wait for it to completely load
  4. Type stop in your Minecraft server console to bring the server to clean stop
  5. Run the server
  6. All finished, your new plugin should be installed and you are ready to do with it!

Download Links for Restaurant Plugin

for Minecraft 1.8/1.8.1

Credit: MuffinNetwork – Original Thread on Planet Minecraft