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Pitch Black Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.8.8

What do you guess about Pitch Black Resource Pack from its name? Perhaps, you have imagined that there is something dark with the Pack. However, you are about to be wrong. The lighting is working out with nice effects. The Pitch Black makes you uniform your textures. And, it is worth to appreciate these effects as you will see that your Minecraft world would have a better lighting, even brighter than you usually see. Actually, the pack brings certain benefits to images too. You can see some screen shots and feel how good it is. Everything like stained glass blocks or panes just looks good, doesn’t it? It is obvious that you will want to try a little the pitch black resource pack on your Minecraft. I bet that you won’t regret to spend time on this pretty cool amazing pack.

Pitch Black Resource Pack

Pitch Black Resource Pack

Pitch Black Resource Pack

Although, there has still existed some shortcomings in Pitch Black Resource Pack like its management to shine in a few spots, it definitely has many other new things. In the Pitch Black resource pack, a few textures have updated from Vanilla Minecraft. Therefore, it is simple to understand that you will see some familiar textures on your Minecraft installed this resource pack. Perhaps, you can feel bother sometimes while you look around and see different blocks, but the same chests’ images. Another thing which you should notice is that, following the author shares, the mod is just one quarter of the way completed. Overall, you must note the fact that the pack has been finished by the time and you probable shouldn’t wait for any new textures of chests there.

Pitch Black Resource Pack

Pitch Black Resource Pack

With some guys, you must be thankful the Pitch Black Resource Pack for its simple look with a meager resolution of 16x. By this standard resolution, you may have no wonder to experience the Minecraft with this pack. It is still too soon to give more any comments about the Pitch Black cause so far, it is quite new. So, in this case, you will be the one making more experience of the Pack and discovering its features if you feel interested in the Pack’s description. Let us know on your comments in the inbox below!

Pitch Black Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.8.8 Changelogs

♣   Changed a whole bunch of blocks

♣   Tweaked the trap chest

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  • for Minecraft 1.8.X

Pitch Black Resource Pack.zip 

Credit: Sparkelz99 – Original Thread on Planet Minecraft